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We have a simple thesis: Web3 will eat travel.

We experiment with new Web3 technologies and test ways to embed them in the travel industry.

The Ethos

The why we do it.

No one has put it better than an anonymous clown so far:

“There are but two ingredients by which one should judge all long-term crypto projects:

– subtraction of power from the elites
– addition of power to the people”.

The Founder

In 2001 Luca launched an “Airbnb before Airbnb” vacation rentals booking platform to fund his worldwide travels.

Luca was already a Bitcoin enthusiast in 2013 and a full-time Web3 aficionado by 2017, when the Trips Community was launched.

The Community

We are a distributed community who believes the future of bookings is decentralized.
We meet and work in Discord, some of us are anonymous, some not, all are welcome.

Since 2017 we have been organically building the community, with a strong focus on decentralized culture.

We believe communities in the future will be powerful forces where individuals can create value on their own terms.

Image of Discord Trips Community

The Treasury

Trips Community collectively owns:

  • 55+ Million TRIPS:  $532,101
  • 20,000+ OGN from Origin Protocol:  $3,682
  • 2000+ GTC from Gitcoin:  $4,600
  • 235+ ENS from Ethereum Name Service:  $2,942
  • 1200+ EPNS from Ethereum Push Name Service: $422 

The Token

TRIPS = $0.00967
Fully Diluted Marketcap: $609,498
24h change: 0.68%

Trips is a community token which allows us to coordinate the work.

No ICO, no pre-sale, no VCs: the tokens have been exclusively distributed to those who helped.

All tokens in the market come from the community pool, no token has been sold by the founders.

Open Protocols

Open protocols will be the building blocks of the travel industry.
Open infrastructure, rather than centralized oligopolies.

We are researching the best open protocols to build for the vacation rentals industry.

It’s still early, but we have been researching some ideas and already raised some grants based on these.


A very active area of experimentation for us in 2021, NFTs have the potential to bring crypto to the masses as no token ever could.

So far, we launched the first booking via NFT in the world, the first Complimentary NFT for guests, the first Hotel NFT booking in the world , and the Proof of Attendance NFT for the Vacation Rentals World Summit 2021 in Annecy, France


We are building a completely distributed organization, with not one single person or team in control.

Our treasury is in two Gnosis Safes [1] [2] , managed by community elected people.

Decision-making is through a Discord server and with votes by token holders in Snapshot.
Decentralization is far from complete, but if it can be decentralized, we will decentralize it.

The Consultancy

Are you in the travel industry and need help with a smooth landing in web3? Our expertise is at your disposal.

The Conferences

We have presented Trips and Web3 in many conferences around the world.



We are Origin Protocol partners since 2017 and are committed to 100% Open Source development.

The Blog

Most of the updates are in Medium blogs .
Here’s a few:

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